Surgery: Reconstructive (Implants)

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Reconstructive procedures of the maxilla and mandible are commonplace in dental practices. Coding medical claims for these type of procedures requires an understanding that the medical necessity of these procedures lies with the reconstruction of an atrophic or diseased bone and not with the final prosthetic outcome.

In this module, we will explore a patient requiring reconstructive surgery with the following coding scenarios and exercises:

  1. Pre-surgical evaluation

  2. CT, surgical guide, and stage 1 surgery

  3. Second stage surgery

  4. Post surgical evaluation and prosthesis

The module ends with an instructive example of how NOT to code these cases! (provided by an Oral Surgery practice!!)

NOTE: This is an advanced level module and assumes that the viewer is fundamentally sound in basic medical billing protocols, understands ICD10 and CPT codes, completion of the CMS 1500 claim form, and understands how to be paid by medical insurance as covered in the FUNDAMENTALS course.



Surgery-Reconstructive 1
Surgery-Reconstructive 2
Surgery-Reconstructive 3
Surgery-Reconstructive 4
How Not To Do it!