The journey of implementing medical billing into dental practices is guided by the series: Successful Medical Billing for Dentists. Dr. Farrugia's signature strategy for handling medical claims is shared in the book: Successful Medical Billing for Dentists I: FUNDAMENTALS. The compliment to his immensely popular course, this book is the ultimate guidebook for dentists who want to begin to successfully access medical benefits for their services. Refining "beyond the basics" coding strategies and systems are central to the second book in the series: Successful Medical Billing for Dentists II: ADVANCED. The series concludes with ICD-10 and CPT for Dentists:CODES. This book reduces tens of thousands of ICD-10 diagnosis  and CPT procedure codes into those codes most commonly used by dental practices.

We highly recommend taking either a live or online complete FUNDAMENTALS course, as the book was written to serve as an adjunct to the course and as a post-course reference guide. Successful Medical Billing: FUNDAMENTALS course participants (live or online ) are eligible for a discount on the cover price of the FUNDAMENTALS book with your registration.













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