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Our Complete Courses are just that... Complete instruction at whatever level you need. Successful Medical Billing: FUNDAMENTALS for those getting started with medical billing and those that need to become fundamentally sound in the protocols and process of being paid by medical insurance. Successful Medical Billing: ADVANCED for those offices that are fundamentally sound in medical billing practices and wish to take their knowledge up a notch by going deeper into specific medical billing scenarios. Complete courses are our best value ! The complete course fee represents a substantial savings over the individual fee for the component modules PLUS consultation phone support and our books are available at discounted prices to Complete Course participants. Choose your course and get started today!


Successful Medical Billing: ADVANCED

Once dental practices are fundamentally sound in the claims process, medical claims may be succes...


Successful Medical Billing: FUNDAMENTALS

This Course is the complete Successful Medical Billing: FUNDAMENTALS Course including the followi...



This course is designed for those practices  that wish to focus their learning on medically ...


Successful Medical Billing: Telehealth, Telemedicine, and Teledentistry

One positive thing that came out of the coronavirus pandemic was the introduction of telehealth t...



Getting Paid : Great Eight List

Success with medical billing relies on more than knowledge of codes or putting codes on a claim f...


ICD-10 Diagnosis Codes

Structure, Selection, and Prioritization of ICD-10 diagnosis codes.


Introduction to CPT (Current Procedural Terminology)

Medical procedure codes are discussed in this module including common codes for:

E/M (Eva...


Completing the CMS 1500 Claim form

The CMS1500 claim form is the request for payment submitted to a medical insurance company. It ca...


FUNDAMENTAL Claim Documentation

Medical claims submitted by dental practices will not be paid until the medical insurance company...


Submitting documented claims

Once the claim and documentation are ready for submission, how should it be submitted? What softw...