Claiming Wheels

Claims support is available on a limited basis to practices that have attended a SMB live course or purchased an on-line COMPLETE  COURSE. Like learning to ride a bicycle, the first attempts are the most challenging. Once you've submitted a few claims, the process becomes repetitive and familiar. The Claim-ing Wheels© program is designed to offer your practice a "steadying hand" through the initial phase of implementing medical billing. You will have the choice of basic support by document review via the internet OR document review with additional support via phone conversation. Claim-ing Wheels© claims support is not a billing service for your practice. We do not file claims for you, but rather look over your claims  and documentation BEFORE you submit them. This allows us to both facilitate your learning and to catch mistakes that can delay payment. We will review claims, documentation, EOBs, correspondence, etc. submitted to us. Basic internet support requires you to send scanned copies of claims and EOBs for review in .pdf format and documentation (LMNs) and correspondence in Microsoft Word .doc or .docx format. Edits, corrections, and suggestions will be returned to you in the same format. Optional Claim-ing Wheels© phone support will occur in the form of prescheduled 30 minute phone calls.